Projeto I REFUGO


The Idea

With the goal of generating a sustainable experience, NÓDULO created Project REFUGO. The 1st REFUGO aimed at encouraging people to rethink their role in society according to sustainability, expanding the use of the NÓDULO Sketchbook, through aesthetic awareness. The sketchbook is totally made of waste material, in the social project Design de Resíduos. We invited artists, designers and poets who were interested in the idea of the NÓDULO Sketchbook and the I REFUGO, and proposed a challenge:

Within the theme “refuse” participants would customize their sketchbooks, filling the core and the cover with their preferred technique. We suggested that they incorporated waste in the creative process in order that the reader, getting in contact with the work, could transcend through the perception of the project, enabling a more conscious stance and way of consuming.

Refuse is understood here as any kind of despised element (whether material or not), but that could have his life prolonged, revalued, put to a new use or taken as valuable even in the format that was considered useless to someone else.

25 book-objects, banners and other printed matter, presented as an exposition and ephemeral store. All done with reused material. All the book-objects were also entirely photographed and are available in digital versions at ISSUU.

Andréa Cópio’s book-object:

Exhibition and Store

The exhibition of the resulting experience took place in Restaurante Popular | Espaço Criativo, in Belo Horizonte – Brazil, in August 2013. All the graphic material was also produced in a sustainable manner by making use of waste, such as informational banners and other artwork:



The sale of the books  aimed at stimulating the social project Design de Resíduos, encouraging the continuation of social empowerment already noticed there. The participation of the creatives in I REFUGO, was made as a donation of their ability in order to make the exhibition itself possible and renting space for the Design de Resíduos’ ephemeral store. Thus, both the action of awareness through the display of works, an the availability of products manufactured in the social project will be made possible by the funds raised.

The book-objects are being sold online for U$50.00 (Sales:

Exhibition pictures:

Book-objects pictures:

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