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We have established a new partnership, with the sustainable fashion brand Review, owned by the entrepreneur Bruna Miranda. The proposal is to give new life to surplus fabrics and vintage clothing, with upcycling, and diverse content about the topics. In addition to the projects that we will be doing do together, on her website are already available for sale NÓDULO’s products, among those from other sustainable brands.


Review’s online store

From a previous experience in fashion plus the research and work with sustainability, came the concept of a sustainable wardrobe, for better composition and organization and, also, with the environment in mind. This was the perception of journalist Bruna Miranda, former Ameixa Japonesa blog and for two years now in research and work with the website Exemplar id*, one year online adressing sustainable and contemporary luxury. “The involvement with sustainable and conscious fashion was only gaining strength, plus a growing passion for this area. Hence the decision to develop a project with this focus, Review – really in the sense of revising fashion and our relationship with it”, she explains.

O primeiro vestido, Nina, remodelado de uma peça de brechó

The first dress, Nina, refurbished from a thrift store piece

The project, conceived in 2013, started this year and focuses on creating timeless clothes using deadstock fabric from textile factories – discarded for being from previous collections and/or leftovers – plus the remodeling of vintage clothing from thrift stores or our own wardrobe. “Sometimes we don’t want to get rid of one piece of clothing, but we end up not using it. We may like the fabric but not so much the modeling, for example, so comes the advantage of reusing it to create something new, that will really be used”, she explains. The creation is made with the method called upcycling: to give new life, with even more value, to something discarded. And the recycling extends to the maximum possible, including zippers, buttons and any kind of material. Everything is produced with Neli, seamstress and neighbor for years. As soon as possible, the proposal is that some of the clothes will also be made with seamstresses organizations.

A Neli Alcântara, nossa costureira e "doadora de dicas e conhecimento"

Neli Alcântara, our seamstress and “giver of tips and knowlege”

A terceira peça, Nancy, criada com tecido excedente, foi pensada com os conceitos de minimalismo e multifuncionalidade, podendo ser usada de quatro maneiras diferentes

The third piece, Nancy, created with excess fabric, was design with the concepts of minimalism and multifunctionality, able to be used in four different ways

Each piece has a unique name, chosen in accordance with loved ones and/or favorite singers and songs. The idea is that the models can always be remade in accordance with the fabrics that are being collected. “We are still in an experimental stage and creating for our own use. Each piece that we make already brings huge learnings and accomplishments”, emphasizes Bruna.

O Review desenvolveu e criou, com o upcycling, as primeiras camisetas do Brasil para a campanha global Fashion Revolution, usadas no evento de estreia do projeto em Belo Horizonte, em setembro de 2014. À esquerda, a saia Elis, também do Review, remodelada de um vestido fora de uso, comprado em um brechó na Bolívia

Review has developed and created with upcycling, the first Brazilian T-shirts for the global campaign Fashion Revolution, used in the launch event of the project in Belo Horizonte, on September 2014. To the left, the Elis skirt, remodeled from a dress out of use, purchased at a thrift store in Bolivia

In the blog and social networks of the project, beyond the disclosure of the clothes and the stories of how they were made and with whom, is developed various content about slow fashion – exactly the opposite of fast fashion, which focuses on the quality and durability of clothes, where having less is more – and the “eco” fashion, beyond conscious consumption and the area of natural/organic beauty, with its nontoxic cosmetics that do not realize animal testing. In the Shop, you can find a showcase of products and services selected as trustmarks, that belongs to the concepts of sustainability, wellness, fair trade and cruelty free. The hashtag “FashionWithStories” also won a category in the blog, where people can send their photo and tell the story of a special piece of clothing – because it comes from another generation, for the constant companion, or whatever else symbolizes a return to the memories we create with remarcable clothes, highlighting consumer awareness. Each month, a participant is presented with a Review scarf. In “Minimalize Your Closet”, tips for creating an effective and sustainable wardrobe, with the slow fashion. Review aims to encourage conscious fashion as a whole, being the reuse and the extended life of the clothes the featured parameters. Events, workshops, inspirations, tips and content on the impact of the textile industry and the excessive consumption on the environment and on the productive chain, including texts highlighting other brands that follow the same proposal, are already part of the”mini brand + blog” DNA.

*In 2012 began to leave the paper the idea of creating a website that addressed the Sustainable Luxury, Exemplar id. The combination, which at first glance can cause a certain strangeness, is a concept in lifestyle that has given its first steps around the world. Leave the status, ostentation and excesses and enter subjective values, feelings, wellness, simplicity, and, especially, sustainability – the also called contemporary luxury, or even new luxury. Among its features, the appreciation of craftsmanship; of organic raw materials from small and local producers; the quality of life of the workers; ethics and transparency; innovations and projects that benefit the whole community; besides, of course, the already known ecofriendly practices, that are oriented towards the preservation of the planet, including the good treatment of animals. The journalists from Minas Gerais, Brazil, Bruna Miranda and Bruna Vallejos, founders of the project, say: “we believe in the power of brand’s influence for the diffusion of ideas and creative actions for the collective and cooperative welfare. As the act of buying is part of our lives, it is more than welcome to propagate new values. The reinless and pointless consumption, which benefits a few in an unethical way, has begun to be questioned, which brings space to a positive change”.

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