Caderno NÓDULO

Size: 15,5 x 20,0 cm (“A5″)
Reused waste material: cardboard packaging, office paper and PET bottles
Quantity of reused material (per every 1000 units): 80.000 A4 paper sheets, saving 9,6 trees (with the cover’s cardboard) and 100 PET bottles


U$ 15.00 (+ shipping)




Manufacturing Process:Infografico_v1-93-01

The aim is to empower poor communities in a sustainable way and reinsert industrial waste in the production system. The notebook is totally conceived from reused materials and produced by a local community in the social project Design de Resíduos (“Waste Design”), promoted by Universidade FUMEC. By using inexpensive tools and processes, the notebook is made accessible both for sale and educational purposes. Thus, the sale at partner stores or over the internet shows itself profitable with the use of waste as raw material rerouted for the production before they accumulate in landfills.

DSC_1373^ Social Project Design de Resíduos

Postado em: 4 de December de 2014
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